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Treating Bacne

Get Your Back Cleared Up - Read on to Find Out HowBacne, or acne on the back, is something that you normally don’t worry about until you’re caught with your shirt off.  For all the young ladies and men out there, it may be embarrassing going home with someone for the first time and having your bacne spotted by someone you’re trying hard to impress.  Or you may just want to have a swim with your kids and are getting tired of them constantly pointing out the red spots.

The good news is that, like acne, it’s entirely possible to eliminate bacne.  What’s more, unlike acne on your face, bacne is easily hidden with clothing. This means that you can use slightly harsher methods to treat it since the immediate redness, peeling and other side effects of treatment won’t be noticeable.

Reducing Oiliness without Overdrying is Key

The first step in treating your acne should be to reduce oiliness.  Indeed, although you may think your face is oily, your back is just as oily (if not more so!).  However, you need to be careful not to overdry.  Overdrying can cause your body to think it needs to produce more sebum in an attempt to moisturize the dry skin.  For some people, simply washing with a non-comedogenic cleanser and then applying a soothing lavender or aloe vera moisturizer twice a day on affected areas will be enough to keep your skin less oily yet sufficiently moisturized. Another method that I outline below is to apply baby powder before going to bed.

How to Get Rid of Bacne, or Back Acne

If simply washing and moisturizing is not sufficient in your case, you may have to take a more specialized approach. The methods I have listed below have been very effective for a large number of people.  I recommend you combine their usage with my favorite holistic acne treatment system Acne No More to ensure that the acne doesn’t come back or result in any unwanted side effects.

  1. Wash back and shoulders with Head and Shoulders Shampoo’s Classic Clean product.  The process is as follows: wash affected areas in the shower with Head and Shoulders, rinse, wash the rest of the body, and then before getting out of the shower apply head and shoulders once again to affected areas.  This time leave the head and shoulders on your body.  When it dries, you can put on a robe or shirt.  This method is thought to be effective due to the zinc in the shampoo and its ability to clean out your pores and reduce oiliness.  One BIG warning here is that you may experience rashes and redness if you leave on the Head and Shoulders as described above.  If so, do not leave the Head and Shoulders on when you get out of the shower.
  2. Sulfur-based products can be very effective.  Most people use products with sulfur for their facial acne, like Proactiv, but in very low concentrations because of the short-term irritation, redness and peeling that occurs.  With bacne, however, you can use slightly higher concentrations (10-15% concentration) to achieve faster results.  As always, take it slow at first.
  3. Apply Vitamin B5 solutions to areas with bacne.
  4. Spend time in the ocean or take sea salt baths.
  5. Cut back on wheat, soy, peanuts and any other foods you suspect you may be allergic to.  Any dermatologist can test you and find out what your food allergies are.
  6. Wipe down your bacne with salicylic acid body washes or wipe down with a facecloth soaked with rubbing alcohol multiple times a day.  Make sure to use a moisturizer after doing this.
  7. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash has been shown quite effective as a gentle, everyday cleanser.
  8. Use an abrasive sponge or loofa in the shower, but ensure you rub gently to avoid irritating your skin.
  9. Wear light clothing and avoid backpacks or anything that keeps your clothes pressed up against your body for any long period of time. 
  10. Wash your back immediately after exercise.
  11. Exfoliate with baking soda and warm water twice a day.
  12. Hydrogen peroxide can work well as an astringent after exfoliating.
  13. For women in menopause who have bacne, try taking different hormones and be especially careful with progesterone as it can cause breakouts.
  14. Two readily available medications in the U.K. that have been shown effective are Sudocream (leave it on overnight) and Clean and Clear
  15. Use antibacterial soap in the shower.  This is effective not just for bacne, but for acne in general as of course, the acne bacteria is what’s causing your acne bacteria.
  16. Use something with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide before going to sleep. 
  17. Apply baby powder and a salicylic solution to your bacne or other affected areas before going to sleep (sleep with a towel on your pillow because it will get a little messy).  The goal is to try to keep oil levels down as much as possible while you are asleep.


The bottom line

Almost any treatment that works well for acne will also likely work well for bacne, but don’t be afraid to try slightly harsher treatments for bacne.  Don’t go too harsh, though, or you irritate your skin so much that your acne gets worse and clearing it up will leave scars.  Ideally you want to prevent your sebaceous glands from producing so much oil, and make sure your body is efficiently processing out the toxins from your body to help with this. 

I recommend getting on a good holistic treatment regimen and sticking to it.  Try out different methods and make a note of what works.  If you take a scientific approach to clearing up your bacne and don’t give up, you’re almost guaranteed success.  Good luck!

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